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Posts tagged “these concerts will be posted in .mp3 and .flac format. “FLAC” (“Free Lossless Audio Codec”) is a lossless sound compression format that allows the music to be downloaded more quickly. FLAC files can

Air Tight Bonsai AL-05 Mini-Monitor

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Air Tight Bonsai AL-05 Mini-MonitorIf you think mini-monitor means small sound, the Air Tight Bonsai will have you thinking again. Forget mini; the sound here is decidedly, uh, maxi. For starters, the speaker’s wide dispersion and voluptuously full and rounded imaging will fool you into thinking you’re listening to a far larger transducer. Plus, in the midband the Bonsai delivers an exciting sense of immediacy and a bold presence, coupled with remarkable detail, that also belie its size and single 4″ driver. It’s a thing of beauty to behold, to boot. Air Tight, founded by the legendary Atsushi Miura and based outside of Osaka, …


Since early in Anthony Braxton’s career, fans of his music and collectors have circulated literally hundreds of private recordings of his performances, ranging from radio broadcasts to onsite soundboard recordings to audience cassettes made with handheld microphones. In the spirit of making Mr. Braxton’s music heard as fully and widely as possible, the Tri-Centric Foundation will be “liberating” these historic bootleg recordings for broader hearing by posting copies on our website for free downloading. We will continue to collect and post batches of these old bootlegs in the future.

We want to emphasize that these are not “official” or “authorized” releases–just the best versions we could find of the bootlegs. Sound quality varies widely and the documentation of dates, venues, personnel and compositions may not be entirely accurate. We are rating each recording under a loose A to C system. “A” quality means good quality, a good radio or soundboard recording. “B” means acceptable quality–probably a fairly hissy radio broadcast or a muddy audience recording. “C” is poor–very hissy and muddy, probably of interest only to collectors or archivists.

As with our official Braxton House releases, these concerts will be posted in .mp3 and .flac format. “FLAC” (“Free Lossless Audio Codec”) is a lossless sound compression format that allows the music to be downloaded more quickly. FLAC files can be converted to .wav files, such as you would find on a commercial CD, without loss of sound quality. Free “FLAC” to “WAV” converter programs can easily be downloaded from the internet. The popular “MP3” format, on the other hand, loses sound quality with each conversion, and is anathema to those who collect and trade these recordings.

These bootlegs document great performances, great musicians, and some Braxton compositions not available elsewhere. We also want to draw your attention to an effort to document the entire “gigography” of Mr. Braxton’s live performances (recorded or not) which is available at

We hope you enjoy this great music! We also hope you will consider making a generous donation to the Tri-Centric Foundation to support our efforts to preserve the legacy of Anthony Braxton.


Quartet (New York) 1993 – Set 2


New Braxton House Records is an online record label documenting rare and previously unreleased recordings from throughout Braxton’s five decades of musical activity. Albums released by the old Braxton House imprint are also now available in downloadable format for the first time. All proceeds from the sales directly support the artists and the Tri-Centric Foundation.

New Braxton House will be releasing two album-length downloads per month, with material ranging from recent Ghost Trance Music concerts to rare recordings from the 1970s, from solo saxophone recitals to orchestra performances. Sign up for our monthly newsletter to stay abreast of the upcoming releases, and receive a free download!

Customers can buy any recording on an a la carte basis, or may choose to become New Braxton House subscribers. For $12+1 a month, subscribers receive each month’s two album-length downloads plus 10% off all back-catalog items. All albums are sold in both FLAC lossless audio and high resolution MP3 formats.

The Tri-Centric Foundation is also aware that hundreds of concert bootleg recordings from throughout Braxton’s career circulate on the internet. Since these recordings are already out there and clearly carry interest for the serious Braxton listener, TCF has decided to compile a selection of them on this website. None of these recordings were intended for commercial release, the sound quality varies widely, and the discographical details may not be 100% accurate. So TCF is offering them for free. Click here to visit the bootleg page.

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