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Yale students build spokeless bicycle in one semester, now looking for jobs

 Engadget2/17/10 10:16 PMRichard Laiawesome bicycle bike futuristic mechanical engineer MechanicalEngineer novel quirky spokeless spokeless bicycle SpokelessBicycle students transport university university project UniversityProject unorthodox yale yale university YaleUniversity

Here’s something that’ll make you think twice before your next bike purchase — the geniuses (genii?) at Yale University have built a pretty rad spokeless bicycle, which was somehow inspired by the lack of “pictures of a real spokeless bicycle online.” Sure, strictly speaking it’s just a half-done product due to time (one semester) and budget restraints, but that rear wheel — driven by the pedals on its geared inner rim — alone should be enough to make you gasp. Practical hipsters might even be able to fit an electric motor or some sort of container inside the wheel, although we’re pretty content with the futuristic hollowness. Either way, the Yale grad who posted these photos is now available for hire, so pay him well and you can have it your way.

Yale students build spokeless bicycle in one semester, now looking for jobs originally appeared on Engadget on Wed, 17 Feb 2010 22:16:00 EST.

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intelligent. design. Design Milk

 Design Milk2/17/10 11:00 AMJaimeStyle & Fashion clothing

intelligent. design. is a new company operating under the concept of “intelligent clothing,” or clothing that is encourages people to think (and is also cleverly designed). Their t-shirts contain graphics that are aesthetic, meaningful and thought-provoking, without dictating an opinion. Rather than make statements, the designs invite you to think and come to your own conclusions.

Jorge Alberto Mussuto

Jessica Hische

 Design Milk2/16/10 4:00 PMCatrinaArt graphic design illustration typography

I have fallen in love with the type, illustration and design work by Jessica Hische.

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Mehrzeller, the Multicellular Caravan

 Design Milk2/16/10 1:00 PMJaimeArchitecture cars residential

Mehrzeller, or this Multicellular caravan concept is pretty awesome.

These days, people are always on the move, and even job locations are becoming more mobile. With respect to the modern camper market, there are not too many design-y trailers with the exception of the Airstream. However, people are really looking for personalization and custom design. Enter the Mehrzeller.

Using an online design tool, every user can create a design that is unique. The configuration is generated by a computer using the customer’s inputs, and then the final design is crafted by parameters from the architects to yield an attractive and practicable result.

Thanks, George!

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Tree House in California by Standard

 Design Milk2/15/10 1:00 PMJaimeArchitecture residential

Situated atop a hill in Los Angeles, the Tree House by Standard architecture and design features 1,800 square feet of modern living. This particular residence is occupied by Standard principals and husband-and-wife team Jeffrey Allsbrook and Silvia Kuhle.

The Tree House may be nestled on a hill overlooking the city, but as you approach from the bottom you’re ensconced in what could only be compared to a modern cave. Enclosed on three sides, with the fourth side opening up on to the city below, the treehouse offers an almost primal sense of enclosure. Both devoted modernists, Silvia and Jeff find calm in minimalism. Through skillful manipulation of balance and form, Silvia and Jeff have created a home that is elegant yet modest. The kitchen opens onto the living room which in turn opens on to the terrace which is sheltered by a giant tree and overlooks the twinkling and expansive city below. Three bedrooms sit atop the ground floor.

Project Team: Jeffrey Allsbrook, Silvia Kuhle, Nicholas Hopson, Sylwia Pasciak
Photography: Benny Chan/fotoworks

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Zoe Mowat

 Design Milk2/12/10 10:00 AMJaimeHome Furnishings chair desk lighting office tableComments

Aaron clued me in to designer Zoe Mowat. Wowzas. This girl has created some beautiful pieces — and I love the cubbie elements included in her Desk Buddy and Contain Desk. What’s better than having everything organized and hidden?

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