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Levenger Pocket Briefcase

Levenger Pocket Briefcase

From day planners to PDAs to smartphones to the hipster PDA, I’ve tried many different systems for organizing my life. It has taken a couple of decades, but smartphones are finally to the point where they can do almost everything I want.However with phones, data entry is slow and strict, and retrieval can sometimes be a pain. For the past several years now I have been using the Pocket Briefcase, and it’s the perfect complement to my phone and computer. The skinny is that it’s a wallet with a writing surface for a 3×5 card, and a slot for a pencil or pen. Simple as that.

Bomber Jacket International Pocket Briefcase - Leather Notepad, Wallet.jpeg

Now, when I want to jot down an idea (including an illustration or sketch), an appointment, or some detail (e.g., a phone number), all I have to do is open my wallet. Start-up time is nil, it never runs out of battery, input is loose, and I can can pass cards to others.

At the end of the day I go over my notes and transfer those I want to keep to my phone or computer. Entering everything at once is much faster than entering things throughout the day.

Finally, the Pocket Briefcase has a few different slots to store cards in, so I can store things like travel details, grocery lists, and driving directions. I was carrying a wallet anyway; this one is just so much more useful than any other.

— Justin RussellBomber Jacket International Pocket Briefcase

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