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The Fascinating Engraving Process Used to Turn Lincoln’s Penny Profile Into a Skull With Scrolls

Laughing Squid by Lori Dorn

Coin engraver Shaun Hughes demonstrated the fascinating process by which he transformed a 1973 Lincoln penny profile into a skull with decorative scroll flourishes. This craft, known as Hobo Nickel, is incredibly intricate, but Hughes walks the viewer through every step, making it seem easier than it is.

via The Awesomer

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WEBSITE: Jazz Near You Event Submission Form Improves


The Jazz Near You event submission form for single or recurring events was upgraded resulting in a more user-friendly experience while reducing submission time. The new interface is more intuitive and prompts the user for WHO, WHERE, and WHEN information with each of the three steps annotated for clarity…

“7 consejos para tu blog”, en Esquire

José María Álvarez, de Esquire, me pidió una página para la revista hablando de blogs y factores que considero interesantes o importantes a la hora de plantearlos y desarrollarlos. El resultado es este artículo titulado “7 consejos para tu blog“.

Download now or preview on posterous

blog-esquire.pdf (143 KB)

Por Enrique Dans

Jorge Alberto Mussuto

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