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Jorge Alberto Mussuto

Trilok Gurtu “Massical” live at Hamburger Jazztage 2009

 bogard´s jazztapes
2/28/10 12:15 PMbogardJohann Berby Trilok Gurtu Phil Drummy Roland Cabezas Carlos Cantini

photo © by Elio Guidi

Trilok Gurtu (dr, perc and voice) – India
Roland Cabezas (g) – Germany/Spain
Carlo Cantini (v, mel.) – Italy
Phil Drummy (sax, fl, didg.) – Australia
Johann Berby (b) – Le Reunion

recorded live at Fabrik, Hamburg, October 2, 2009

1. Monk-e-desh
2. Broken Rhythms
3. Kuruksetra
4. Bridges
5. Kalavati
6. Balatho

Trilok Gurtu has persistently added elements of various provenance to his musical cornucopia to develop a form of music that finds hierarchies superfluous and has reached its latest high water mark in the new CD entitled Massical. Gurtu turned the pages back and recalls that “I got a lot of flak for my first record because I was trying out something new. It’s a lot easier just to imitate somebody else. I tried to forge a bond between my love for Africa and India, but somewhere along the line I had the feeling I was respecting the music too much. I have to remember to maintain my own self respect. Guess what? My music doesn’t exist without me! So, I was a little bit more relaxed about my music and concentrated on what I heard myself. On Massical, I didn’t think much about music; I just played.”
That’s why the songs on Massical feel like acoustic balm. When you’re listening, you forget everything you ever learned about music. You drop all your prejudices and surrender yourself to the flow that seems to drive out the gold of the millennia through the present into the future. Gurtu had to drop some ballast himself to be able to credibly transport that feeling. He is an incredible virtuoso who had a tendency to play too much. But virtuosity only plays second fiddle on Massical and just lets the musical process fall into place. Gurtu says “I’m not just showcasing myself. If the music doesn’t call for virtuosity, I don’t use it. But, let’s not forget that there are pieces that are awfully difficult to play and most musicians would not be able to. That music is virtuoso, even though it sounds simplistic. When the musicians cut their first or second record, they usually put their instrument front and centre. But I want to feature my music. There’s a difference there. The groove is much more important than virtuosity.“

Jorge Alberto Mussuto

“Show Your Tits!”

 Naked Village
2/28/10 1:16 PMBull Dogflashing tits public

Jorge Alberto Mussuto

Frases celebres

Download now or preview on posterous

AlbertEinstein.pdf (1680 KB)

Jorge Alberto Mussuto

Chile Earthquake: Twitter Pictures Tell the Story [PHOTOS]

The magnitude-8.8 earthquake that rocked Chile early this morning was similar to many breaking-news events in that images from the disaster began spreading over social networks at lightning speed.

Chileans have been uploading and sharing photos of the terremoto Chile via Twitter and Twitpic, many commenting on the state of their neighborhoods, local streets, and the homes of family and friends.

Below are some of the photos that have been shared on Twitter today.

via conycampos

via tapeks

via tapeks

via MrMobitec

via MrMobitec

via MrMobitec

via conycampos

via conycampos

via conycampos

via EGMiranda

Have you found any compelling photos of the quake in your social media travels today? Please share some links in the comments.

Tags: chileEarthquaketwitpictwitter

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Laia Genc & Liaison Tonique live in Cologne 2009

 bogard´s jazztapes2/27/10 1:15 PMbogardLaia Genc Sebastian Gramss Nils Tegen

Laia Genc – Piano
Sebastian Gramss – Bass
Nils Tegen – Drums

recorded live at “Loft” Cologne/ Germany, December 9, 2009

1. On the run
2. Thirsty Camel
3. Strange encounter
4. Poles apart
5. Stop and Snooze
6. Fooob
7. Ort
8. Indeed
9. If I was to (Laia Genc)
10. Legenden (Genc Tegen Gramss)
11. Fanfare 10 (Sebastian Gramss)
12. Remember when (Laia Genc)
13. Legenden II (Laia Genc)

“Somehow I always wanted to play the piano since I was a little kid. It stood there so friendly in the corner at my grandma´s place! It has always been my good friend over the years…experiencing music hasn´t always been easy for me, but I had some great mentors who helped me find my way! I am proud to have been meeting, talking, working and playing with some brave musicians, not only the ones I mentioned, but a lot more that were and of course still are important influences to me. Working now as a freelance I studied jazzpiano with Hubert Nuß and Prof. John Taylor at the conservatory in Cologne where I graduated in 2006. I have been a member of some german youthbigbands, the one to mention is the BuJazzO led by Peter Herbolzheimer. In the years 2001, 2002 and 2003 I was invited with the quartet Nurse Or Nuc, then the Terrence Ngassa Band and finally with my own trio to the Nachwuchswettbewerb Leipzig, a competition for young players. In 2004 I won the 1st place of the international competition Biberacher Jazzpreis with my trio the “LiaisonTonique”. With the Liaison Tonique I recorded my first cd “Trilogien” which appeared in 2005 on JazzHausMusik.”
The latest album of LiaisonTonique is called “Polyfangastronosia

Jorge Alberto Mussuto

Julia Hülsmann Trio live at Grüner Salon, Berlin 2009

 bogard´s jazztapes2/26/10 12:37 PMbogardHeinrich Köbberling Marc Muellbauer Julia Hülsmann

Photo © by: Volker Beushausen / ACT

Julia Hülsmann, piano
Marc Muellbauer, bass
Heinrich Köbberling, drums

recorded live at Grüner Salon, Berlin, December 2, 2009

1. The end of a summer (Julia Hülsmann)
2. Konbanwa (Heinrich Köbberling)
3. Kiss from a rose (Seal)
4. Last one out (Marc Muellbauer)
5. Kauf dir einen bunten Luftballon (Aldo von Pinelli/Anton Franz Josef Profes)
6. Zahlen, bitte (jetzt reicht’s) (Heinrich Köbberling)
7. Jackson (Marc Muellbauer)
8. Whole lotta love (Jimmy Page/ Robert Plant/ John Paul Jones/ John Bonham/ Willie Dixon)

The End Of A Summer – first ECM release for a trio with a strong following. Julia Hülsmannfounded her group in 1997 and it has become, with its strongly melodic and inventive music, one of the most popular groups on the German jazz scene. Hülsmann is a first-rate jazz composer as well as an incisive pianist, a poetic sense of compression distinguishing both her writing and her improvising. Album features six new tunes by Hülsmann plus pieces also by her trio partners – plus a cover of Seal’s “Kiss From A Rose”.

Jorge Alberto Mussuto

Crystal Loop Residence in California by Dennis Gibbens Architects


This Palm Springs residence was designed and created by Dennis Gibbens of Dennis Gibbens Architects. It is brand new construction and the design embraces the outdoor lifestyle that’s a must-have in Palm Springs. The home will be primarily used as a weekend home, so the homeowners wanted something fairly low maintenance.

Upon arrival, guests enter into a private and enclosed courtyard garden that exudes modernism and reflects the simplicity of desert-living. It’s totally Palm Springs.

The modern feeling continues in the interior of the home with the white terrazzo tile flooring and simple white walls. Each bathroom is fitted with the same tiles, hardware and fixtures for continuity. It feels casual inside, and great for entertaining. The outdoor areas are covered and the glass doors and wall of windows marry the indoors and outdoors. There are two bedroom suites located at opposite ends of the home, joined by the large living/dining space.

The home is part of an exclusive, private neighborhood, whose amenities comprise a tranquil swimming pool, an upscale clubhouse and architecturally-landscaped gardens.

Architect/Interior Designer: Dennis Gibbens of Dennis Gibbens Architects
Completion Date: October 2008
Bedrooms: 2
Bathrooms: 3
Square Footage: 2560

Photography by Nazy Alvarez and Ryan Turner

Klipsch’s black / white Image S4i and S4 earbuds filtering out to stores

Darren Murph
apple audio canalphones color colored colors earbds earbud headphone headphones image s4 image s4i ImageS4 ImageS4i in-ear in-ear headphones In-earHeadphones klipsch music on sale OnSale s4 s4i white.
We told you they’d be coming (as we discovered during our tour of Klipsch’s Indianapolis campus), and now those deliciously black / white colored Image S4 and Image S4i earbuds are finally making their way out to the general populace. Vann’s already has the Image S4 in white up for pre-order, while Apple stores are set to receive their Image S4i (includes an in-line microphone for iPhone yappin’) any day now. The former will sell for $79 while the latter demands an extra Jackson, but it’s safe to say that either will put Apple’s own white earbuds to shame.
Gallery: Klipsch Image S4 and Image S4i in white

Angle Shelf

 Design Milk2/25/10 12:00 PMJaimeHome Furnishings bookshelf wall decor

The Angle Shelf from ALS Designs are ultra minimalistic, holding only a single item or two small items. They are available in right or left angles.

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Jorge Alberto Mussuto

Los Angeles the George

Valantine Day Miami Beach

Jorge Alberto Mussuto

Estrategia internacional contra ataques cibernéticos

 Noticias de Seguridad Informática2/24/10 9:58 (ón países atacantes
La mejor arma contra los ladrones online, espías y vándalos que amenazan a las empresas globales y la seguridad sería una especie de regulación internacional del ciberespacio, indicaron expertos del sector

Desde la perspectiva de un atacante, esa meta no es una prioridad para la comunidad internacional, a pesar de las protestas por la piratería, la censura y las disputas por el ciberespacio que protagonizan China e Irán contra la empresa estadounidense Google.

Los países son demasiado provincianos a la hora de pensar sobre su seguridad online para colaborar en la elaboración de un reglamento informático a nivel mundial, se escuchó la semana pasada en la conferencia de seguridad del EastWest Institute.

Las declaraciones políticas de los gobiernos en todo el mundo están dominadas por la necesidad de incrementar las defensas cibernéticas nacionales. Como resultado, demasiados cibercriminales se están beneficiando.

“Los países están en negación”, dijo el experto en derecho cibernético indio Pavan Duggal a Reuters, señalando que las legislaciones nacionales tenían un uso limitado en la protección de los usuarios de una herramienta de comunicación sin fronteras.

“Puede que un choque de grandes consecuencias despierte a la gente de su complacencia, algo equivalente a un 11 de septiembre en el ciberespacio”, dijo, refiriéndose a los atentados coordinados en Estados Unidos en el 2001.

Con una cuarta parte de la humanidad conectada a internet, el ciberdelito supone un peligro cada vez mayor para la economía mundial.

Objetivo, el autor

El FBI determinó que las pérdidas derivadas de la delincuencia en internet sumaron en los Estados Unidos u$s264 millones en el 2008, frente a los u$s18 millones de dólares de pérdidas por el mismo motivo en el 2001: probablemente eso es sólo una fracción de las pérdidas causadas a empresas y departamentos gubernamentales.

La amenaza se extiende a muchos sectores, incluidos los sistemas de control de las fábricas, los servicios públicos y la refinación de petróleo, dado que muchos de ellos están vinculados a internet para mayor comodidad y productividad.

Una prioridad para los reguladores es encontrar la manera de localizar a los delincuentes a través de las fronteras y que no salgan impunes de sus crímenes, una tarea difícil cuando los delincuentes pueden utilizar servidores proxy para permanecer en el anonimato.

“No podemos aplazar el debate hasta que estemos en medio de un ataque cibernético catastrófico”, dijo el ex secretario de Seguridad Nacional de Estados Unidos Michael Chertoff en la conferencia.

“Debemos formular una estrategia internacional y responder a los ataques cibernéticos que van paralelos a las leyes tradicionales que rigen la tierra, el mar y el aire”, añadió.

Expertos en seguridad dicen que la capacidad de realizar ataques cibernéticos desastrosos masivos es competencia exclusiva de algunos gobiernos, más allá de la capacidad de grupos guerrilleros extremistas como Al Qaeda.

Pero no se puede asumir que las redes internacionales de delincuencia organizada, que llevan tiempo practicando el fraude online masivo y el robo, no están desarrollando un interés en conseguir esta habilidad.

“El cibercrimen es un delito muy sofisticado con unos actores sofisticados y se necesita un esfuerzo multinacional para garantizar que se puede hacer cumplir la ley”, dijo el presidente de Dell Services Peter Altabef, a Reuters.

James Stikeleather, jefe de Tecnología de Dell Services, dijo a Reuters que rastrear a los criminales a través de las fronteras podría plantear problemas jurídicos a los redactores de una regulación multilateral.

Dando un ejemplo, dijo que cuantas más empresas añadan la tecnología que necesitan los investigadores para poder atribuir un delito, la privacidad y anonimato de los usuarios se ve reducida.

“Probablemente el punto de fricción de los gobiernos será ‘¿dónde está el nivel adecuado de imputación contra el anonimato o la intimidad para lo que la gente está haciendo (online)'”, señaló.

Datuk Mohamed Noor Amin, presidente de la Asociación Internacional contra las Ciberamenazas, afiliada a la ONU, dijo que la incapacidad para regular podría perpetuar los “estados fallidos” cibernéticos.

Citó los países pobres donde los clientes pueden comprar tarjetas SIM no registradas con capacidad de Internet móvil, dándoles la posibilidad de cometer delitos en línea, tales como el robo de identidad de personas en países ricos sin temor a ser rastreados.

Señaló que va en el interés de los países ricos ayudar a los más pobres desarrollar la capacidad de rastrear este tipo de delitos, porque son sus ciudadanos el objetivo.

“Los gobiernos tienden a ver sólo su propio interés. Pero en realidad colaborar es su propio interés”, dijo.

“La gente cree que internet es una parte integral de cada país. No se centran en la seguridad cibernética y se está jugando con fuego”, añadió el experto.

Fuente: Infobae

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The Village Vanguard At 75 Meets Paul Motian At 78

 NPR Blogs: A Blog Supreme2/24/10 2:10 PM

by Patrick Jarenwattananon

You and the night and the Vanguard. (John Rogers/

This week, the Village Vanguard celebrates its 75th anniversary, as Lara Pellegrinelli’s All Things Considered feature reminds us. Hear, hear! Not only is it rare to see any New York establishment stay open that long, but the Vanguard happens to be that most embattled of businesses: the jazz club. And a damn fine jazz club at that. Quote:

Drummer Paul Motian made his first Vanguard appearance with the Bill Evans trio in 1957. Of more than 100 albums recorded at the club, Motian appears on at least eight of them.

“Good sound,” Motian says. “Beautiful sound. You can hear everything. You hear yourself better. You hear the other musicians better. And it’s totally acoustic.”

If any musician ought to be able to speak for the place, it’d be Motian, the closest thing the club has to a house drummer. The man must play there at least four weeks a year these days, whether backing or leading; a glance at the schedule reveals he has been or will be there two weeks out of the first three months of 2010.

So it’s appropriate that he’s about to release a new album, recorded live at the Village Vanguard in early 2009. Lost In A Dream pairs him with two heavy-hitters in Chris Potter on saxophone and Jason Moran on piano. Their combined age is less than Motian’s, but they have enormous capacity for spontaneous simpatico, and it’s tested on this disc of ballads. If you know Paul Motian’s underrated composing, you know that a ballad often means “a pretty melody and a loose set of guidelines for semi-rubato, somewhat-free improvisation.” (Also, anyone else think his drumming is getting weirder and more interesting with time?) It all coalesces nicely on this leadoff track, “Mode VI”, heard after the jump:

“Mode VI,” from Paul Motian/Chris Potter/Jason Moran, Lost In A Dream (ECM). Paul Motian, drums; Chris Potter, tenor saxophone; Jason Moran, piano. New York, N.Y.: Recorded Feb. 12-13, 2009.

Purchase: (Pre-Order)

The man makes a lot of records — and I can’t think of any that aren’t worth your time. Lost In A Dream comes out Mar. 9 on ECM. And if you’re in New York, Motian, Moran and Greg Osby (!) hit the Vanguard Mar. 16-21.


Related At NPR Music: The Motian/Frisell/Lovano group, recorded live at the Village Vanguard. Also, Motian played with Bill McHenry’s band in another set we recorded (with bonus downloads, plural). The Chris Potter Underground can be heard at the Vanguard too, as can Jenny Scheinman’s quartet featuring Jason Moran.

Jorge Alberto Mussuto

February 26th, 2010 Mandatory Attendance

 Mandatory Attendance2/24/10 8:03 PMmandatoryattendanceDaily Hits

Jorge Alberto Mussuto

Sonoro Cubo 2010 y eDock para iPod y iPhone

iPodTotal – todo sobre iPod, iTunes, iPhone y Apple TV2/24/10 1:10 PMÁgataAltavoces Docks

Sonoro anunció recientemente el lanzamiento de dos nuevos complementos para iPhone el Cubo 2010 y el eDock .

El nuevo Cubo 2010 incluye dock para iPod, iPod touch y iPhone y control remoto. La terminación del Cubo está realizada en laca de alto brillo de color rojo, negro, plateado, fucsia, verde, amarillo limón o blanco. Otras opciones son las terminaciones de madera al natural: roble oscuro o bambú. leer más »

Jorge Alberto Mussuto

Backstage during Fashion Week

 The Big Picture2/22/10 9:18 AM
It’s the season of Fashion Week, from Bryant Park in New York last week to London this week, and Milan, Los Angeles and Tokyo next month. As designers and their models gather to present their newest collections to the world, photographers are on hand to take thousands of pictures, most during the actual show – with a few photos from the backstage of each show sent across the wires as well. I’ve gathered a handful of those backstage glimpses from recent fashion shows, most taken in New York, and share them with you below. (30 photos total)

A model has her makeup done backstage before presenting the Vena Cava Fall 2010 collection during New York Fashion Week February 11, 2010. (REUTERS/Jessica Rinaldi)

Jorge Alberto Mussuto


 Design Milk2/22/10 10:00 AMCatrinaHome Furnishings chair lighting table

I got a kick out of seeing these new products designed by Andrea Magnani and Giovanni Delvecchio of Resign (especially the table pictured above disguised as a chair).

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EXOvault iCases

 Design Milk2/22/10 11:00 AMEleanorStyle & Fashion Technology phon

Based in Brooklyn, EXOvault’s cases for the iPhone and iTouch are created to counter the mass-produced options already on the market. Made with aluminum or brass, many of these cases come with rich wood accents.

Jorge Alberto Mussuto

Defacing a diario Kelper

 Noticias de Seguridad Informática2/21/10 3:52 ( exclusivo actualidad
“Desconocidos” hackearon (realizaron un deface) a la página digital del diario Penguin News (el diario de los kelpers, como se denominan a los habitantes de las islas, pro británicos, quienes desarrollan actividades pesqueras) y colocaron la leyenda “Aguante Argentina” junto a la bandera celeste y blanca.

La intromisión se prolongó por varias horas, hasta esta mañana, cuando fue retirada del sitio, en el que sólo podía apreciarse la leyenda “Your window to news and life in the Falkland Islands” (su ventana a las noticias y la vida en las islas Falkland).

Previamente, los autores del hecho habían conseguido colocar una suerte de fondo de pantalla enteramente celeste y blanco, a modo de bandera, y por debajo la leyenda, bien popular, “Aguante Argentina”.

En la sección About us (sobre nosotros) están las mismas explicaciones de por qué pertenecen al territorio argentino, pero el contenido fue redactado en inglés; y en la sección Contact Us(contáctenos) ingresaron una dirección de e-mail a Taringa, la comunidad virtual argentina. Según figuraba en la página hackeada, que ya reestableció el servicio, el “homenaje” está dedicado a los soldados caídos en combate. 

En Taringa, el post (en este momento en “revisión”) decían lo siguiente sobre la forma en que habían ingresado al portal:

¿Entonces, son tan desconocidos estos atacantes? ¿Tan dificil es saber quien es el usuario que escribió ese post en Taringa?

Fuente: La CapitalPerfil

Cristian de la Redacción de Segu-Info

Jorge Alberto Mussuto

Vancouver 2010, part 1 of 2

Today is Day 8 of the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver Canada, almost the halfway mark, and it’s time to have a look at the activities in British Columbia. Over 100 medals have been awarded so far, with the United States, Germany, Norway and Canada leading the medal race. This year’s event has been nicknamed by some as the Glitch Games, with more than its share of problems, from a malfunctioning cauldron on opening night to weather problems and course troubles. VANOC officials said they were working on the issues they could control, and were optimistic as athletes continued to deliver amazing performances in the many venues around Vancouver. Collected here are some photos from Days 1-8, with more to follow in another entry after the closing ceremony. (45 photos total)

Barry Guy New Orchestra, special guest Elliott Sharp live at Jazzfest Berlin 2009

 bogard´s jazztapes2/20/10 3:12 PMbogardEvan Parker Trevor Watts Raymond Strid Johannes Bauer Elliott Sharp Mats Gustafsson Agusti Fernandez Herb Robertson Per Åke Holmlander Paul Lytton Per Texas Johansson Barry Guy

Photo © by Muriel Valmont

Barry Guy · bass, director
Evan Parker · reeds
Mats Gustafsson · reeds
Trevor Watts · reeds
Per Texas Johansson · bass clarinet
Herb Robertson · trumpet
Johannes Bauer · trombone
Per Åke Holmlander · tuba
Agusti Fernandez · piano
Paul Lytton · drums
Raymond Strid · drums
Elliott Sharp · guitar, electronics

recorded live at Haus der Berliner Festspiele, Main Stage, November 6, 2009

1. Danaus (Barry Guy) 23:11 Min
2. Radio Rondo (Barry Guy) 30:15 Min

“For the last four decades, British bassist Barry Guy has continually charted a personal path in advanced improvisational settings. His endeavors range from free contexts to arranged ensembles; from solo work to orchestra; from long-term groups to ad hoc meetings; from Baroque music to electro-acoustic experiments. Through it all, his balance of formal structures and dynamic improvisation is always at play. After decades working with the London Jazz Composers Orchestra, the challenges of assembling such a large ensemble on any consistent basis led to thoughts of forming a mid-size group (…)
Guy knows how to make the most of the musicians, massing the entire group, piling skirling reeds over low end brass, or hocketing lines back and forth over cascading piano. Fernández does a noble job filling Crispell’s seat, bringing a more percussive attack while playing down the melodic cells of the music. With a group like this, one expects strong solos all around, and of course no one disappoints.”
(Michael Rosenstein, Signal to Noise)

Having worked in the avant-garde and experimental music scene in New York City since the late 1970s Elliott Sharp has released over eighty-five recordings ranging from blues, jazz, and orchestral music to noise, no wave rock, and techno music. He pioneered the use of a lap top computer in live performance with his Virtual Stance project of the 1980s and more recently has used algorithm and fibonacci numbers in experimental composition.
The Barry Guy New Orchestra has released some CD´s on Intakt, e.g. “Inscape – Tableaux“.

Jorge Alberto Mussuto

Jean-Luc Cappozzo – Joy Spirit (Quark, 2009) ****

 Free Jazz2/20/10 5:35 (stef)Solo Trumpet

On this solo album, French trumpeter Jean-Luc Cappozzo brings hommage to musicians who left a lasting impression on him, either through several evenings of playing music together, or because of long friendships. The musicians are Bernard Prouteau, Frank Lowe, André Zemp, Paul Rutherford, Dizzy Gillespie, Jacky Barbier, Wallace Davenport, Alain Guérini, Mal Waldron, and Siegfried Kessler. His solo improvisations are made with those late musicians on his mind. The result is quite varied, in tone and in style, sometimes meditative, sometimes exuberant, often adventurous, but also bluesy, sometimes classical. Even if the musicians are deceased, his tribute to them is one of joy : for what they offered, for what they meant, for how they made you feel. This joy he expresses using all these different styles and techniques, with timbres that range from multiphonic screeches and growls to intonations of classical purity. On one piece, “Jacky Barbier”, he even gives the impression to laugh in his horn, on “Mal Waldron” he alternates on his custom trumpet between muted and unmuted, giving the impression of overdub playing. As you hear, lots of variation, lots of ideas, and skills, but first of all, the joy of music. 

Listen and buy from CDBaby

© stef

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