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Jorge Alberto Mussuto

Trilok Gurtu “Massical” live at Hamburger Jazztage 2009

 bogard´s jazztapes
2/28/10 12:15 PMbogardJohann Berby Trilok Gurtu Phil Drummy Roland Cabezas Carlos Cantini

photo © by Elio Guidi

Trilok Gurtu (dr, perc and voice) – India
Roland Cabezas (g) – Germany/Spain
Carlo Cantini (v, mel.) – Italy
Phil Drummy (sax, fl, didg.) – Australia
Johann Berby (b) – Le Reunion

recorded live at Fabrik, Hamburg, October 2, 2009

1. Monk-e-desh
2. Broken Rhythms
3. Kuruksetra
4. Bridges
5. Kalavati
6. Balatho

Trilok Gurtu has persistently added elements of various provenance to his musical cornucopia to develop a form of music that finds hierarchies superfluous and has reached its latest high water mark in the new CD entitled Massical. Gurtu turned the pages back and recalls that “I got a lot of flak for my first record because I was trying out something new. It’s a lot easier just to imitate somebody else. I tried to forge a bond between my love for Africa and India, but somewhere along the line I had the feeling I was respecting the music too much. I have to remember to maintain my own self respect. Guess what? My music doesn’t exist without me! So, I was a little bit more relaxed about my music and concentrated on what I heard myself. On Massical, I didn’t think much about music; I just played.”
That’s why the songs on Massical feel like acoustic balm. When you’re listening, you forget everything you ever learned about music. You drop all your prejudices and surrender yourself to the flow that seems to drive out the gold of the millennia through the present into the future. Gurtu had to drop some ballast himself to be able to credibly transport that feeling. He is an incredible virtuoso who had a tendency to play too much. But virtuosity only plays second fiddle on Massical and just lets the musical process fall into place. Gurtu says “I’m not just showcasing myself. If the music doesn’t call for virtuosity, I don’t use it. But, let’s not forget that there are pieces that are awfully difficult to play and most musicians would not be able to. That music is virtuoso, even though it sounds simplistic. When the musicians cut their first or second record, they usually put their instrument front and centre. But I want to feature my music. There’s a difference there. The groove is much more important than virtuosity.“

Jorge Alberto Mussuto

“Show Your Tits!”

 Naked Village
2/28/10 1:16 PMBull Dogflashing tits public

Jorge Alberto Mussuto

Frases celebres

Download now or preview on posterous

AlbertEinstein.pdf (1680 KB)

Jorge Alberto Mussuto

Chile Earthquake: Twitter Pictures Tell the Story [PHOTOS]

The magnitude-8.8 earthquake that rocked Chile early this morning was similar to many breaking-news events in that images from the disaster began spreading over social networks at lightning speed.

Chileans have been uploading and sharing photos of the terremoto Chile via Twitter and Twitpic, many commenting on the state of their neighborhoods, local streets, and the homes of family and friends.

Below are some of the photos that have been shared on Twitter today.

via conycampos

via tapeks

via tapeks

via MrMobitec

via MrMobitec

via MrMobitec

via conycampos

via conycampos

via conycampos

via EGMiranda

Have you found any compelling photos of the quake in your social media travels today? Please share some links in the comments.

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Jorge Alberto Mussuto

Laia Genc & Liaison Tonique live in Cologne 2009

 bogard´s jazztapes2/27/10 1:15 PMbogardLaia Genc Sebastian Gramss Nils Tegen

Laia Genc – Piano
Sebastian Gramss – Bass
Nils Tegen – Drums

recorded live at “Loft” Cologne/ Germany, December 9, 2009

1. On the run
2. Thirsty Camel
3. Strange encounter
4. Poles apart
5. Stop and Snooze
6. Fooob
7. Ort
8. Indeed
9. If I was to (Laia Genc)
10. Legenden (Genc Tegen Gramss)
11. Fanfare 10 (Sebastian Gramss)
12. Remember when (Laia Genc)
13. Legenden II (Laia Genc)

“Somehow I always wanted to play the piano since I was a little kid. It stood there so friendly in the corner at my grandma´s place! It has always been my good friend over the years…experiencing music hasn´t always been easy for me, but I had some great mentors who helped me find my way! I am proud to have been meeting, talking, working and playing with some brave musicians, not only the ones I mentioned, but a lot more that were and of course still are important influences to me. Working now as a freelance I studied jazzpiano with Hubert Nuß and Prof. John Taylor at the conservatory in Cologne where I graduated in 2006. I have been a member of some german youthbigbands, the one to mention is the BuJazzO led by Peter Herbolzheimer. In the years 2001, 2002 and 2003 I was invited with the quartet Nurse Or Nuc, then the Terrence Ngassa Band and finally with my own trio to the Nachwuchswettbewerb Leipzig, a competition for young players. In 2004 I won the 1st place of the international competition Biberacher Jazzpreis with my trio the “LiaisonTonique”. With the Liaison Tonique I recorded my first cd “Trilogien” which appeared in 2005 on JazzHausMusik.”
The latest album of LiaisonTonique is called “Polyfangastronosia

Jorge Alberto Mussuto

Julia Hülsmann Trio live at Grüner Salon, Berlin 2009

 bogard´s jazztapes2/26/10 12:37 PMbogardHeinrich Köbberling Marc Muellbauer Julia Hülsmann

Photo © by: Volker Beushausen / ACT

Julia Hülsmann, piano
Marc Muellbauer, bass
Heinrich Köbberling, drums

recorded live at Grüner Salon, Berlin, December 2, 2009

1. The end of a summer (Julia Hülsmann)
2. Konbanwa (Heinrich Köbberling)
3. Kiss from a rose (Seal)
4. Last one out (Marc Muellbauer)
5. Kauf dir einen bunten Luftballon (Aldo von Pinelli/Anton Franz Josef Profes)
6. Zahlen, bitte (jetzt reicht’s) (Heinrich Köbberling)
7. Jackson (Marc Muellbauer)
8. Whole lotta love (Jimmy Page/ Robert Plant/ John Paul Jones/ John Bonham/ Willie Dixon)

The End Of A Summer – first ECM release for a trio with a strong following. Julia Hülsmannfounded her group in 1997 and it has become, with its strongly melodic and inventive music, one of the most popular groups on the German jazz scene. Hülsmann is a first-rate jazz composer as well as an incisive pianist, a poetic sense of compression distinguishing both her writing and her improvising. Album features six new tunes by Hülsmann plus pieces also by her trio partners – plus a cover of Seal’s “Kiss From A Rose”.

Jorge Alberto Mussuto

Crystal Loop Residence in California by Dennis Gibbens Architects


This Palm Springs residence was designed and created by Dennis Gibbens of Dennis Gibbens Architects. It is brand new construction and the design embraces the outdoor lifestyle that’s a must-have in Palm Springs. The home will be primarily used as a weekend home, so the homeowners wanted something fairly low maintenance.

Upon arrival, guests enter into a private and enclosed courtyard garden that exudes modernism and reflects the simplicity of desert-living. It’s totally Palm Springs.

The modern feeling continues in the interior of the home with the white terrazzo tile flooring and simple white walls. Each bathroom is fitted with the same tiles, hardware and fixtures for continuity. It feels casual inside, and great for entertaining. The outdoor areas are covered and the glass doors and wall of windows marry the indoors and outdoors. There are two bedroom suites located at opposite ends of the home, joined by the large living/dining space.

The home is part of an exclusive, private neighborhood, whose amenities comprise a tranquil swimming pool, an upscale clubhouse and architecturally-landscaped gardens.

Architect/Interior Designer: Dennis Gibbens of Dennis Gibbens Architects
Completion Date: October 2008
Bedrooms: 2
Bathrooms: 3
Square Footage: 2560

Photography by Nazy Alvarez and Ryan Turner