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Welcome to Grove Bay Grill

Scotty’s Landing is now Grove Bay Grill, the new company took over this weekend. I spoke with Francesco Balli, partner in the Grove Bay Hospitality Group that owns the restaurant. Francesco tells me that they don’t own the Scotty’s Landing name and so they had to change the name of the restaurant, new signs will be installed this week.

I asked him about the kitchen, which seemed to be a concern of Scotty’s patrons.  He said, “Beginning on day one and over the course of the next few weeks, we’ll be making improvements to the equipment in the kitchen and bathrooms. We’re bringing in new equipment and making overdue repairs to others. Extensive cleaning was done on day one and we’ve engaged a professional restaurant cleaning company to clean the entire restaurant each and every day.”
And the menu? “The menu is similar and we will be making improvements to the quality of the food over the next few weeks. Somethings we changed on day one, mostly having to do with food handling and food safety. Other things we will be implementing involve our company’s best practices and training,” he said.

Grove Bay Grill will be setting up a new point of sale system in a few weeks, and a robust training program will specifically focus on service. They call it Exceptional Hospitality. According to Francesco, it won’t happen overnight but they expect people to start noticing differences in the food and service over the next few weeks.
Dogs on leashes are still allowed and the hours of operation are all the same.

I stopped by Saturday, around sunset, and the place was hopping. People were having a good time and it was business as usual.

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