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Visiting Friends and architecture: Los Angeles-part1


I went to visit friends that live in L.A. recently and we visited various examples of extraordinary architecture. It was a short trip but we achieved to visit around 20 buildings during my visit. Normally in architecture tours I try to sketch at each stop, but for various reasons I just drew in some of the building that captivated my inner designer. BE WARNED!! The weather in California helped to take beautiful pictures and also helped to feel comfortable drawings buildings from outside, so you are going to see a lot a perspective drawings. I also were trying new equipment. I recently bought a moleskine updated sketchbook and I decided to take a break from my fountain pen and sketch with .7mm pencil and a muji .38m pen.

In downtown we visited Spanish Archtect’s cathedral “Our Lady of Los Angeles” This piece was was inaugurated in 2002 but it the…

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