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Early Morning Half Price Friday Pick-me-up

The Secret Notebook Hoarder

Too early to go to work so I dropped in at Tesco. They’ve had Moleskine notebooks in for a while now, but they’re now all half price to clear, which means they’re more in line with TKMaxx pricing.



I walked past and ignored them, then after deciding to buy a pen I bought the XL soft cover lined Moleskine. Which pen?

This pen.

It’s the Parker IM Chrome rollerball. I don’t have a rollerball, and it was half price too so why not?


It’s a little flashier than I’d normally go for to be honest, but it goes nicely with the black IM fountain pen I have. Came with a black ink refill and a gift box, inside a bigger box, nearly half of which was empty. I guess they use hte same boxes for soe of the larger gift sets.

I don’t use a pen that much at work…

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