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Feeling weak but on way to recovery, remembering the nice time we had to a friend’s wedding last week! And countdown to Miami again, only 13 days!


Hello readers

I haven’t been the best this weekend and I am on the way to recovery now luckily, I got a stomach bug that gave me nausea and painful stomach cramps…and it stopped me eating for 3 days, not like me at all! I have started again to feel a bit better today, and I look forward to cook again instead than eat one spoon of rice or mash potatoes, or porridge even! (just pleased to have lost some weight without have to worry about diet!)

Last week we attended a friend’s wedding in Surrey, where we had a great time, and I just want to share with you all some pictures. I start to feel the pressure…I can’t wait to fly again to Miami in 13 days…England is treating me well right now that I can’t complain at all, gorgeous weather, still warm temperatures…but still…my heart is not…

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