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Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong are among the greatest jazz artists to have ever lived. Each had a distinctive style that inspired imitation, although that form of flattery  was eventually unsustainable. Individually, they were masters of the craft; together, their chemistry added immeasurable value to the American Jazz ballad.
This is a recording of contrasts, the first being the jacket photo. Taken in 1956, Armstrong had been performing and recording for nearly 30 years, and though well-established, Fitzgerald was mid-point in her ascent to the throne as “Queen of Jazz”. Oddly enough, each would reach their peak of popularity in the early 60’s. Armstrong would knock the Beatles out of the number one spot with “Hello Dolly”, and Fitzgerald would record into the early 80’s.  One would expect it to be tuxedoes and evening gowns. Instead we have Louie in loafers and rolled-down socks with Ella wearing a…

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