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Mountain Tops

 I usually ask for a window seat, and try to have some sort of camera handy. I’ve been flying since I was very young and I’m not young any more, but I’ve never tired of taking pictures through airplane windows. I get the occasional raised eyebrow from the other frequent flyers sucking on their Bloody Marys, but I can take it.

These are from the very late stages of a recent flight from Amsterdam to Vancouver; at a rough guess, somewhere in the vicinity of Ts’il-os Provincial Park.

The Rockies from above The Rockies from aboveWhen I was working my way through the trip’s pictures I thought “those are OK” and tossed them onto Google+. But a lot of people liked them (G+ is great for feedback) and the feeling kept growing on me that there’s something to them, so here they are.

Yes, I’m hugely fond of G+, but if it’s my work and I care about it, I’m just not ready to commit to anyone else’s infrastructure for the long haul, even my employer’s. I know that it’s not as easy at it should be for a non-geek to set up her own home on the Internet range under her own name. But I think that if you care about your work, you should do that.


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