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Doodlin’ by Coltrane


Thanks to Anil Prasad, who let me know that a doodled “self-portrait” by John Coltrane, circa 1955 to 1959, is now on sale.

From Schubertiade Music’s online catalog:

Winter 2011 Catalog, Lot 44. Coltrane, John. (1926–1967). 
Self-Portrait Drawing. 
Original work of art from the saxophonist, band leader, and composer whose brilliant improvisatory skills and experimental spirit made him one of the most influential and highly regarded musicians in the history of jazz. An original pen and ink drawing showing Coltrane in profile playing his saxophone, from which stylized notes of music appear to be emanating on both sides. Above this, Coltrane has also drawn a woman’s head, and below, several additional figures including a side-profile figure of a second man and variations of the letter “B B B B” and a stylized “H.” Just to the right of the figure with the saxophone, Coltrane has penned what appear to be his stylized initials, J C. Accomplished on a legal folio size sheet of musical letterhead ca. 1955-1959. A large ink smear travels from the upper right corner to middle, light wear to left margin and a few negligible creases, overall very good condition and visually striking. From the original Coltrane family estate sale. $5000.00

I’m not saying that Coltrane’s sheet of doodling isn’t beautiful, but I’m more impressed by his sheets of sound:


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