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Thus Japanese children learn about the nuclear crisis

Japan is experiencing a tragedy after a magnitude 9 earthquake, a tsunami and a nuclear emergency . This last topic is not easy to explain because it requires some technical terms, so that the Japanese, always practical, they created a story to tell children what is happening.

The story involves the “nuclear baby”, after the earthquake was with stomach pain and need to “nuclear” poop “which is really smelly … Then explain that” nuclear baby “so far not been done, but has thrown only gases that are causing concern that people in Japan. Doctors are treating it with water and boron to ease your stomach pain, explaining that the child Fukushima nuclear power has a “diaper” that protects others that happen what happened with the “Chernobyl children” (who had diarrhea) .

Ok, maybe it is a rather crude explanation, but I guess it’s a good sign for the Japanese to keep a sense of humor in tragic times.

LinkNuclear Boy (YouTube)



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  1. All told the group found 118 000 cases of patients discharged after seeking treatment for abdominal pain with no known cause…Kaplan said his study was prompted by earlier observations that abdominal pain without a known cause is frequently associated with and which in turn can be exacerbated by air pollution…He also said a study on mice from the 1970s had shown that high levels of common air pollutants reduced proper function of the digestive system suggesting a possible mechanism underlying abdominal pain…Although his study showed stomach pain was associated with high levels of three common kinds of pollution there was no link with increased levels of two other major pollutants — sulfur dioxide and fine particulates smaller than 2.5 microns …Strangely the rate of stomach pain admissions actually seemed to decrease when ozone levels were high…At a Sunday news briefing announcing the findings Kaplan could provide no explanation for any of the associations — positive or negative — since the study was not designed to determine causality………………. ……..Expert answers on a condition that affects 23.6 million Americans…………

    March 19, 2011 at 3:26 AM

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