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Patrick Vaillant, Riccardo Tesi, Gianluigi Trovesi – Colline (1994)

[CD: Silex, France, 1994; #Y225048]

“Q – How did you meet Ricardo Tesi and Gianluigi Trovesi? Are the three of you still playing together?

A – I’ve heard one of Riccardo Tesi’s first solo concert, in the early 80s. I met him again in some festival. I had talked to him about my desire to make a musical project involving italian and occitan artists. ‘Anita Anita’happened to be the opportunity for it, and I called Riccardo Tesi on this project (1986). We kept playing together, mostly as a duet.

This duet grew up… We met Gianluigi Trovesi in an Italian jazz festival… and it confirmed we had musical things in common.

We don’t play anymore with Gianluigi Trovesi, after touring for about 5 years.

The Tesi-Vaillant partnership never ceased, especially with Riccardo’s project ‘Un Ballo Liscio’. We’re now working again on a new duet repertoire.”

(from an interview with Patrick Vaillant @ Mandozine)

Gianluigi Trovesi: clarinet, bass clarinet, alto + soprano saxes
Patrick Vaillant: mandolin, mandole, singing
Riccardo Tesi: organetto (diatonic accordion)

Jean-Jacques Avenel: double bass
Joël Allouch: drums, percussion

  1. Maïenca dansa (Vaillant) 4’11
  2. Il funambolo (Tesi) 5’36
  3. Promenade (Trovesi) 12’14
  4. Li barquetas de Sant Joan (lyrics: JanLuc Sauvaigo, music: Vaillant) 6’45
  5. Tarantella rouge et noire (Tesi, intro: Avenel) 7’50
  6. Romance (Vaillant) 7’02
  7. Mazurcazione (Tesi) 6’42

total time: 50’23

Recorded in June 1994 at Studio GAM, Waimes, Belgium by Silvio Soave.
Edited and mixed on September 1994 by Silvio Soave at Studio Si2A, Waimes, Belgium.
Graphics by Studio Kali (Si2A).
Photographs by Laurent Grall-Rousseau.
Produced by André Ricros.

“La dune qui danse, la vague qui s’élance et le nuage errant: murmures de collines nomades…” (“The dune that dances, the wave that springs and the cloud that wanders: murmurs of nomadic hills…”)

Patrick Vaillant + Riccardo Tesi

Gianluigi Trovesi

Joël Allouch

Jean-Jacques Avenel

CD-rip + scans [ mp3-192kb/s, 74 MB | flac, 312 MB ]

Cianfulli posted more Vaillant/Tesi-collaborations on his blog Italian Folk Music.



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