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Pinecrest Gardens Farmer’s Market

One of the benefits of living in South Florida in the middle of January is not only 73 degree Sunday afternoons, but also the ability to source some of the country’s best and most flavorful produce. With that said, there is no place better to check out the best of what Homestead and the Redlands has to offer than the Pinecrest Gardens Farmer’s Market in the parking lot and under the Banyan trees of the old Parrot Jungle. Fresh eggplant, greens, squash, grapefruit, beans, oranges, tomatoes, spring onions, herbs, mushrooms and zucchini are just a few of the items being sold by vendors from across South Florida. The Redlands Organics booth is one of the best and not to be missed. It’s local, organic and everything that’s right with regional and sustainable farming. There’s also some pretty good conch fritters from the pink trailer plus artisan breads, pastas, kettle corn, stone crabs, empanadas, pastries, flowers, crafts, cupcakes and more. Go there, buy local and support our farmers and small business entrepreneurs.


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