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Top Dog Cycle is a new “green” bike shop in town

There’s a new bicycle shop in town, Top Dog Cycle opened recently at 3001 SW 27 Avenue, that’s in the same building as Coconut Grove Pharmacy. Owners, husband and wife Jayne and Peter Bystrom (the self-proclaimed “Top Gearhead”) have a different type concept in mind for the shop — they mostly focus on servicing bicycles in a professional manner.

Top Dog Cycle is a bicycle boutique providing professional service.Top Dog is a state-of-the-art “green” service facility with top of the line tools and equipment enabling Peter to service any type of bicycle. He is a fully certified mechanic by United Bicycle Institute. Peter is also a certified Wheel Builder/DT-Swiss and certified in Suspension Technology (which is key for off road bike repairs).

There is a green wash area for the bikes complete with a grease trap. All bicycles are washed inside with approximately half a liter of water.

A grand opening party is being held on Saturday, January 22 from 3 to 6 pm. Stop by for some refreshments and meet the new bike team in the Grove. For more info, please call 786-536-4425 or visit them on line at:



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