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I’m a Bit of a Softy…and my necklace will tell you the story {and a discount}

Once you get to know me,
you’ll find out really quickly that I’m a huge sap.

Like I’m really into sentimental stuff.
Love letters, scrap books, family heirlooms.
You get the idea.

So when Amanda Lynne Designs contacted me
and said she wanted to design me my very own
b + a necklace
inspired by a tree carving,
I was giddy.


Almost grade school giddy.
A time when kiddos were so innocent,
that carving your initials next to those of your sweetie
was a declaration of true love.
The good ole days.

And then, my glorious and whimsical necklace arrived
and I got to thinking even more.
About the days when my hubby and I started dating.

About the flutters that started in my tummy,
went up my chest,
until they nearly exploded in my smile
every time he looked at me.

About our first date,
when he took me to a bookstore
and asked me to pick out three books
that would tell him everything he needed to know about me.

About the entire year we spent dating long distance,
and how a piece of my heart nearly died every day that we were apart.

About the day I answered his phone call from Wyoming
and he told me he found a job in California
and he was moving here
to be with me


I still blush when I think about those days.
And while I love my hubby more today
than ever before,
I sometimes get sad that we’ll never
be back there again.

Back to the nervous excitement you feel
when your eyes meet or when your hands touch.

And for me,
this necklace reminds me of that time.
The good ole days.

Because today we have different reminders
of our evolved true love.
And he has he Momma’s eyes
and his Daddy’s smile.

But every now and then
it’s nice to look back and remember when…

So thank you Amanda Lynne Designs,
for my sentimental reminder.

What do YOU miss about the good ole days?
Tell me. Tell me!



Some of you noticed that I was wearing my new necklace in the
Amanda Lynne Designs has a bunch of other designs that will make you feel giddy!  AND they are perfect for Valentines Day:







And don’t you think that all of us Bloggy BFF’s
need this matching bracelet?!

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