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Britain’s Ugliest Dog Finds Loving Home

Funny Dog Pictures - Britain's Ugliest Dog Finds Loving Home

Thanks to his bug eyes and his crooked teeth, Ug — a pointer cross dubbed Britain’s ugliest dog — sat unadopted for months in the Mayflower animal sanctuary in Doncaster, South Yorkshire, until 35-year-old April Parker saw a picture of the goggie and knew she had to bring him home.

Funny Dog Pictures - Ug 2

Even though the partially blind pointer’s appearance is off-putting to most at first glance, Parker and her two teenage daughters couldn’t resist Ug’s shining personality, and adopted him after a visit to the Mayflower.

Funny Dog Pictures - Ug 3

The family has since renamed him Doug, and they say he was worth every penny they paid for him.

“When people see him they do a double take,” Parker said. “He looks comical with his bug eyes and cross teeth and he’s always bumping into things. But he has a fantastic temperament and is really loving.”

Doug is a goggie that proves that looks aren’t everything, and he is doing wonderfully in his new home with the Parker family.

Source: The Daily Mail


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